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About us 


We are a dynamic consortium dedicated to advancing individuals, projects, and skills. Our singular objective is the development of people, projects, and capabilities. Leveraging collaboration with domain experts in each of our operational fields, we strive to achieve excellence in every endeavor.


Based on transparency


With a strategic focus on facilitating, optimizing, and ultimately automating our response to various requests, the company secures representation mandates from suppliers across diverse domains, encompassing minerals, hydrocarbons, commodities, and more. This unified approach ensures a seamless and efficient response to the dynamic needs of our stakeholders. 


Elevating lifestyles with prestigious property sales, concierge services, and unique wooden and steel homes. Discover prime real estate in Portugal, Guadeloupe, and Cannes, France.


SGPV boasts a formidable team, led by a Master of Arms and ex-world champion, capable of training champions in various fist-foot disciplines and elite units for close protection. Our comprehensive services extend to offering a wide range of related equipment, including state-of-the-art ballistic protection, cutting-edge control scanners, and advanced anti-drone systems. With expertise that seamlessly blends elite training and cutting-edge technology, we stand ready to deliver unparalleled solutions in both combat sports excellence and security services, setting a new standard in the industry.


Benefiting from the expertise within our team, SGPV Group proudly delivers a spectrum of services in our domain. Our capabilities span investment consultancy, seamless facilitation of buying and selling transactions, as well as personalized advisory services.  At SGPV, we are committed to providing comprehensive and innovative services that cater to the diverse needs of our clientele.


Group pioneers transformative energy solutions, navigating the evolving landscape with a focus on sustainability. We leverage technology and strategic partnerships.


In our strategic approach to fostering development in Africa, SGPV envisions establishing combat training centers as part of a long-term initiative to enhance security and accelerate overall progress. Recognizing the financial challenges faced by athletes post-retirement, particularly in combat sports, we are uniquely positioned with close ties to FIFA and access to soccer managers.

Leveraging these connections, we aim to create investment opportunities tailored for athletes, ensuring financial security beyond their active careers. Through strategic investments, players can not only secure their futures but also contribute to impactful projects, aligning their financial interests with positive societal development.

At SGPV Group, our mission extends beyond traditional boundaries, forging innovative partnerships that empower athletes and drive meaningful progress in Africa and beyond

We are fostering the economic, strategic, and social development of our companies.

The collaboration of our partners enables us to meet all your requests.

Performance arises from transparency. It’s our singular way of working.


That’s why we value your expertise.

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